Memory is the common name of viscoelastic: one of the main characteristics of this material is the resilience value close to zero that allows this particular foam to take the shape of the body it supports.

Memory is a non-toxic material: during production it is fully expanded with water in total respect for the environment and is extremely breathable thanks to the micro cells obtained with the contribution of vegetable seeds; it becomes a precious source of energy for the body, mind and soul.
The slow return of Memory makes the mattress more enveloping, creating a beneficial and pleasant situation of well-being.
On top CLASSIC, we have decided to improve this material by enriching it with essential oils and aloe extract.

Il MEMORY BIO, in addition to the characteristics of the Classic Memory, acts as an anti-stress because it allows you to rest in contact with natural elements capable of lowering the tension accumulated during the day; another exclusive feature is the high degree of biodegradability.
Memory Bio has a great ability to adapt to the body together with optimal support in all positions, promoting excellent relax.

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Latex is a natural resin extracted from a tree - “Hevea Brasiliensis” - which grows spontaneously in the Brazilian rainforest and is now grown mainly in Malaysia and New Guinea.

The Latex undergoes a technologically advanced manufacturing process.
Once processed, this material has the ability to spontaneously and quickly recover its original shape after compression, a feature that makes it ideal for pillows and mattresses.

The most important qualities are: elasticity, flexibility, excellent bearing capacity; it has fungicidal and bactericidal properties that guarantee maximum hygiene.

The particular molecular structure makes it very breathable; it is respectful of the environment because it is biodegradable.

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The springs used for our mattresses are in tempered steel and have different shapes in relation to the mattress model. We use “independent” springs in order to guarantee a great ability to adapt to different body configurations.

In this particular system of "pocketed" , springs, although joined together, each spring lowers in relation to the pressure it receives, , guaranteeing particularly comfortable support.

The spring flexing only in the points where it is stressed gives the mattress a differentiated support capacity. This allows, sleeping in two on a single mattress, not to feel the movements of the partner.

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